Our Mission

Meal prep food service. We use whole quality foods each and every meal. Each meal is tailored around your personal goals. Every individual is different and requires different macronutrients in order to meet their needs. We will work with you in order to accomplish this. Each meal is placed in a microwaveable safe container with the necessary amount of food to meet your ideal goals. We work with anyone and everyone, food sensitivities, dietary restrictions, specific diets, anything. We will help accomplish what you need.

How It works

We will communicate via email with each client and go over foods they like and dislike. They will inform us about any food issues they may have and our team works with them and gives them options of various foods.

We keep it simple and we do the work for you. We do the cooking, the packaging, and, we bring it right to you. We coordinate a time with you so somebody is home and the food can go right in the refrigerator and stays fresh.

Our minimum order is 10 meals, or maximum order is 20 meals. You can choose to have breakfast foods, lunches, dinners. If you are looking to gain muscle mass, lose weight, tone up, lean out, whatever you’re trying to get to, we can help! Typically on average our customers will eat anywhere from 2-4 of our meals a day. That is your preference and you can coordinate that with our specialists.

Let us help you achieve a healthy lifestyle through nutrition. You can and will never be able to out work, run, exercise a bad diet. Here at TruHealth we bring simplicity to you!

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